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LISTEN: Bud and Broadway talk to Ken Bone!


Ken Bone, local Shiloh, IL man, became an internet sensation after the Presidential Debates on Sunday (10/9) night at Washington University. We got a chance to get to know the red sweater wearing man a little better – great guy! Read More »

Pumpkin Carving Tips!

holidays, halloween, decoration and people concept - close up of woman with pumpkins at home

Around my house, my kids like to decide on a design for me to carve when I carve our pumpkin for Halloween.  My kids have no qualms about picking out the most difficult pattern in the bunch!  I have carved cats and wolves and everything in between for our Halloween pumpkins.  While I have no idea what my kids will ... Read More »

Zuckerberg Adds Food Ordering Feature To Facebook

Zaporozhye, Ukraine - May 26, 2015: Photo of a logotype collection of well-known world brand's printed on paper. Include Coca-Cola, YouTube, Pepsi, Canon, McDonald's, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and more others logo.

Photo: @voodoan in the Facebook Austin office A photo posted by Facebook (@facebook) on Sep 10, 2013 at 4:15pm PDT It appears Mark Zuckerberg is at it again. Facebook has partnered up with and Ticketmaster and just added a feature Wednesday that allows users to order food through the Facebook pages of restaurants in hopes that it will connect ... Read More »

LISTEN: Visit the Missouri State Penitentiary!

Looking down a deserted aisle lined on both sides with two levels of prison cells.  Slight grain adds to the gritty atmosphere.

Missouri has one of the oldest, largest and most historic prisons in the nation, located in Jefferson City. The prison opened in 1836 and closed in 2004…now available to tour! Read More »